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Rick Dado Ph.D. & Gwen Dado

Owners & Operators

Rick, a former university professor and nutrition consultant, and Gwen, a former agricultural education teacher, moved to the farm in 2000. They enjoy volunteering in the local community in the FFA and 4-H programs, hosting field trips on the farm, serving on the hospital board, and various church activities. However, their greatest accomplishment is raising four children who work in the agricultural community.

Bethany Dado Senn, Ph.D. & Travis Senn

Lactation Physiologist & Market Analyst

Bethany is a calf and heifer technical specialist for Vita Plus. Her husband, Travis, is a Digital Communications Manager at Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative and is consultant at TJ Senn Marketing. Their daughters, Savannah and Campbell, are heifer enthusiasts and future showwomen!


Ethan Dado & Chris Danner

Agricultural Educator & Carbon Supply Analyst

Ethan teaches agricultural education at Mankato Area Public Schools. He began their program and chartered an FFA chapter in 2019.  He also is a National FFA facilitator and enjoys coaching state and national officer candidates. His husband, Chris, currently works for the Truterra, LLC team at Land 'O Lakes as a Carbon Supply Analyst.

Trent & Mickie Dado

Nutrition Consultant & Attorney

Trent is an independent nutrition consultant with GPS Consulting. He founded an Aquaponics business, Aquagarden LLC. His wife, Mickie, is an attorney at Ruder Ware LLSC.


Meikah Dado

PhD Student & Research Assistant

Meikah is a PhD student at Texas A&M University and a graduate research assistant at the Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture. She serves on the board of directors for a 501(c)(3), Her Mighty Hands.

Meet the Four Hands: Meet the Team
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